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Related post: Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 19:25:28 -0800 (PST) From: Patrick Cross Subject: Quidditch Lovers (Celebrity)This story is a fictional account of love between two characters in the "Harry Potter" book series by little stripper J.K. Rowling and is not real. This story is not attributed to Ms. Rowling, little girl bedding Scholastic Books, Bloomsbury Publishing, Raincoast Publishing, any other foreign publishers, or AOLTime-Warner. Ron Weasley was normally not a jealous teen. But, for reasons he couldn't explain, Ron was extremely jealous of his little nudist cuties friend, Harry Potter, whom he loved since the day they met. Not only was Harry little kids peeing "The Nude little girls Boy Who Lived", but he was also immensely wealthy; little girl lingerie his late parents having provided for him before they died. Ron often found himself in a moral quandry because of this fact. Harry had never boasted about his wealth. He would have given it away for a family like Ron's. For four years, the Weasleys had treated Harry as one of their own, surrounding him with little fuckers love. Harry soaked up every bit of it, and more. Ron grew concerned when he discovered that his brotherly feelings towards Harry were becoming something else. After Sirius had been killed and Harry began sinking into depression, Ron knew he had to do something fast, or Harry might never come out of his gloomy funk. He sought out Fred and George, whose love affair with each other was accepted by their family, except Percy. The Twins loved Harry deeply and they could see his pitiful state for themselves. So, when Ron approached them seeking help both for his problem and for Harry, they happily gave their younger brother all the help they could. freelittle girl While they weren't experts, the Twins seriously gave Ron basic and cautious advice on how to develope a loving gay relationship with a friend who had lost so much, and who was in deep pain. For once, Ron quietly listened to what they said and vowed never to hurt the Boy-He-Loved. little girl oictures little teens forum After re-decorating the Room of Requirement, Ron invited Harry for dinner. Although he was hesitant, Harry went little girl movies with his ginger-headed friend. They sat down first and ate a delicious meal that included light conversation. For the first time since Sirius died, Harry found himself laughing at Ron's badly told jokes. The meal completed, Ron magically sealed the doors and silenced the room. The two boys sat down and began talking. Amazingly, Ron asked some very perceptive and in-depth questions, thoughtfully listening to what Harry had to say. Ron soon had Harry in his arms, sobbing, as petite little teen he purged his soul little nude sex of the fear, Dirty little midgits self-doubt, grief and self-imposed guilt that had dogged him since their first year at Hogwarts. rape little boy When Harry little boys funlumpkins was finished crying, he lifted his tear-streaked face to look at his friend. He composed himself and breathed deeply. "Why doesn't anyone love me?", Harry asked. "The Dursleys have never loved me, and the magical world is sooooo fickle; they love me one minute and hate me the next. You'd think they'd be happier little flowers tgp if I died fighting Voldemort. I'm so tired of it, and I've lost so much, Ron. I want little cheerleaders and need to be loved." little cunts toplist he said with a sniff. Ron hugged his friend as he said, "We love you, Harry. Me, my family, Hermione, most of little lollipop tgp Gryffindor House, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Neville, Flitwick, Sprout and Luna all love you. You will never be alone or unloved again." Harry sighed and smiled as he embraced Ron before he fell asleep. After an hour, Harry woke to see a pussy little teen loving smile on his roommate's face. "I thought you were never going to wake up", Ron laughed. Harry smiled as he shook his head at Ron's comical expression. After a moment, Ron's face grew serious. "Do you remember when I told you that little daughter incest you were loved?", he asked, bald little twats softly. Harry nodded his head in affirmation. Ron continued, "What I meant to say was that I love you." Harry replied, "I know you love me. little girls bondage You just said little and nude so", not fully understanding the meaning of Ron's statement. With a little chicks nursery look of deep little summer pussy love and compassion, Ron tried again. "No, Harry, I'm in love with YOU." Shocked, Harry whispered, "Really?" In response, Ron smiled as he nodded his head and kissed Harry on the nose. Harry began to cry again, this time in happiness. To calm Harry down, Ron re-positioned himself so that he little nudie was behind his friend. He wrapped his arms around Harry and began cuddle him, shushing the smaller boy as he did so. He slowly ground his hardening prick into the boy's ass. Harry enjoyed this, and found his cock stiffening in arousal. Harry rolled over, took Ron in his arms and said, "Show me what it means to be loved, Ron. Make love to me. I need your love, now." Ron kissed Harry softly, and the feel of his lips sent Harry over the edge. Forcing Ron's mouth open with his tongue, Harry returned Ron's kiss little penises with a burning passion that little boys swimming he never knew he possessed. Soon, their tongues were mating, and the two boys melted into each other's embrace. After several more kisses, Ron looked at Harry, saying "Get ready, Love." Ron little teens neuken slowly removed Harry's clothes. He began by giving Harry a slow, gentle massage. As Ron's hands travelled across Harry's chest, Harry moaned softly, "Touch me, Ron. Touch me again." Ron just smiled and replied, "After you take my clothes off, Mate." Harry took his friend's clothes from his body and marveled at Ron's nakedness. Soon, they were in full physical contact black little teen with each other. They lay on the couch, bodies entwined as they shared kiss after kiss. Throwing his arm back, Harry exposed his smooth underarm to his lover. Ron sniffed the sweet odor little thumbs fotos of Harry's perspiration and than began licking feverishly. In response, Harry buried little teen angels his face in little girl lesbian Ron's armpit and drank little wet teens his lover's sweat greedily. This tgp little gallery foreplay aroused them quickly, but Ron stopped russia little sex it to resume massaging Harry's sexy body. The black-haired boy was lovingly massaged everywhere. Ron's senses went wild as he rubbed Harry's feet. little tit fuck little russian nudist His tongue shot out to begin licking each toe. Harry moaned softly, "That feels so good, Ron." Encouraged, Ron made oral love to Harry's small, delicate feet, loving the taste. Knowing Harry, little asian nude Ron little pre porn surmised that he would return the gesture with equal, if not more, passion. He slowly travelled up each of Harry's silky smooth legs, licking and exploring. Once he sex porn little reached Harry's waist, he rasped, "Roll over, Harry." Excited, Harry did so, not knowing what to expect. The red-head spooned behind his friend for a few moments and enjoyed the feeling of Harry's skin against his own. He slowly rubbed Harry's neck, watching his lover relax as the tension slowly creeped from his body. Ron reflected on the fact that they were friends only a few short moments ago, and now they were in hard little boy love. Hell, he thought, they'd always been in love each mommies little slut little gils nude other; Ron with Harry's fame and fortune, although he was changing his mind about that, and Harry with Ron and his family. It had little girl tiaras finally begun to sink little pussy mpeg into Ron's thick head that Harry truly loved him, and wasn't out to buy his friendship: just to return his love. Ron made the decision to love Harry wholeheartedly, fame or no fame, fortune or no fortune. He knew that his family would support his choice. Crouching behind Harry's small little preten inces bubble-shaped butt, Ron started to lick his crevice. Harry gasped in surprise as new feelings washed through his Cartoon little girl body. russian little nymph He protested weakly, "No, Ron, what are you doing?" His oral exploration became more arousing for Harry, and the smaller boy's body surrendered completely to the pleasure that the youngest male Weasley was providing. Ron heard Harry's soft moans, now pleading for more, "Yes, lover, lick me. I need it so much!" Harry turned over and took Ron's dick in his mouth, sucking it slowly and softly. Ron returned the favor eagerly as he continued to little family nudist lick Harry's pucker. The two boys gasped and moaned as they brought each other to orgasm. When Ron erupted in Harry's mouth, his cum had a cinnamon taste to it, or that's what Harry thought. He loved that taste. As little lexy porn Harry brought Ron to orgasm, he howled in ecstacy. The lovers switched positions, as Harry started to lick Ron's hole and Ron sucked on Harry's penis, loving the texture of it. Ron whimpered softly as Harry's tongue penetrated deep inside him. "Oh, Harry, that's so good," Ron moaned, as little girls vanities he was being brought to another orgasm by his lover's little red corvette tongue. Harry was close to exploding, and as Ron's head was bobbing faster and faster on Harry's endowment, Harry held Ron's face still. little nude party He erupted into Ron's eager mouth, screaming, "I'm CUMMMMMIINNG!". Swallowing quickly, Ron discovered that he loved the sweet taste of Harry's cum, and became addicted to it. The boys moved so that they faced another. Smiling, they kissed passionately, sharing their sperm and saliva. pokey little puppy Harry beamed at Ron's smiling face. "Thank you, Ron, I really needed that," Harry whispered. Ron chuckled as he caressed Harry. "We're not done yet, Quidditch boy," Ron said with a sex little gril grin. "There's more?", Harry asked, incredulously. "Oh, yes," Ron replied, "lot's more." Harry purred, "I can't wait." little kds sex Through silent communication, they chose to little lorita nude wait for awhile and let themselves build up for little blue penguin the next round littles pussys of love-making. As they stayed in each other's arms, they started to talk. Ron could see that Harry was disturbed about something, but he wisely decided not to little titties petite push Harry into talking too quickly. After a silent period that seemed like hours, Harry looked deeply into Ron's eyes and asked, "Are you jealous of me?" Ron knew that honesty was best as he answered, "I was, Harry, for a long time. Not anymore." Interested in what Ron had to say, Harry pressed further. "Why, Ron? You've never really given me a reason for it, and I'd like to know." Ron searched deep inside himself and expressed his innermost feelings to Harry. Ron chose his words carefully. "Harry," the red-head continued, "as long as I've been alive, I'd been told stories about the "Boy-Who-Lived" and how he vanquished Voldemort. When I found out you were my age, I dreamed of meeting my hero and going to Hogwarts with you." "After our first year," little girls nipple Ron explained, "I became jealous about how you were treated and the unearned wealth that I thought you had. What I forgot illegal little angel was that there are two kinds little nude angles of wizards and witches, just like Malfoy told you. He was wrong in what he said, though." little man tate "The right type of wizard isn't stuck-up, like him. The right type is honest, humble, brave, hardworking and loving, just like little shaved pussy you and my family are. I'm sorry that I treated you like shite, Harry," Ron said, now crying openly. Harry took his sad friend into his loving little teen fucking arms, kissed him and whispered, "I forgive you, my love." This time, it was Ron who fell asleep. He awoke to find Harry laughing at him. Shoving Harry to ten little indians the floor, he joined in the laughter. Soon, two very naked lovers were wrestling on the floor, tickling one another in every way imaginable, just being boys. For the first time in his daddys little boy life, Harry felt truly content. Getting to their feet was a difficult affair, because they were rather stiff from wrestling. Once up, they went to a russian little cuties four poster bed and laid there, in each other's arms. "Ron," Harry said, "will you make love to me." Smiling, Ron nodded and mouthed the word "yes". Harry hugged his a little agensy friend as he whispered, little titties tpg "take me now and make me yours, please?" Ron placed two pillows under Harry's hips, applying lube to Harry's boy-pussy and all over his dick. Gently entering his lover, Ron could feel the resistance at Harry's entrance. Wincing in pain, Harry had Ron stop so he could get used to the intruding organ. After fifteen minutes, Harry signaled his little fresh nudes readiness and Ron started pushing into the tight canal. Every so often, Ron would stop and check on Harry. With a blissful little fuck tgp expression on his face, Harry begged Ron to continue. Within seconds, Ron was buried deep within his lover, Harry's pubes tickling his thighs. Counting to five, Ron started a slow thrust inside Harry. Harry was gone, totally swept away by the feelings that his red-head naked little nymph gave him. Soon, with his lover's legs around his waist and little angels pink his arms around his neck, Ron began thrusting harder, as they kissed passionately. Their tongues probed deeply as the moaning got louder. Breaking the kiss, Harry screamed, "Fuck me, Ron! Fuck me harder!" If it were possible, Ron's motions got little incest tgp faster as he made hot little babes love to Harry like a madman. Growling, Ron held his cock inside Harry as he shot his cum deeply inside the little russian thumb prostrate teen. For his part, Harry whimpered like a baby as he felt Ron's sperm shoot into his body. When Ron had stopped cumming, Harry kissed him sweetly, joking "Now, I do need to re-charge. When I'm little drummer boy ready, it's your turn, wearelittlestars bianca sexy." Ron just grinned. "Yeah," he sighed little girls cunt as they faded off to sleep. They slept for several hours, little dix bay their sexy little mermaid nude bodies entwined like a human pretzel. Ron awoke to Harry sucking his big toe like a lollipop. "Oh, Harry, that feels so nice," the copper-headed teen moaned, as Harry's tongue licked the space between Ron's freckled toes. Ron's taste was sweet, and that drove Harry mad with little ass girls desire. Moving up to Ron's chest, Harry started to lick and nibble each of Ron's sexy nipples. His head thrashing from side to side, Ron let out a keening wail. Harry knew what little teeny porn Ron wanted, and was little annie fannie ready to give it to him. Duplicating Ron's actions, Harry placed two pillows under Ron's hips. Not wanting to hurt Ron, he applied a generous amount of lube to Ron's entry and his own now rock-hard cock. Unknown to Harry, his friend had prepared for this day by using a dildo on himself. Pushing forward ever so slowly, Harry entered his lover. Encountering no resistance, little russian nubiles Harry slowly explored naked little whores undiscovered territory as he made his love little girls way girl little fuck inside Ron. Reaching the end, he felt Ron's soft ginger pubes rubbing his thighs. "Take me, Harry, please!", Ron begged. Harry began thrusting inside Ron, as his lover embraced him closely. Kissing feverishly, their tongues made naked little kid love to one another teeny little girls albuquerque little theater as they were coupled together. Their eyes were filled with love as they gazed at each other. Ron beautiful little tits started little tits movie to growl in Harry's ear, "Oh, Harry, I'm yours forever. FUCK ME!" Harry pounded his lover little boys ass harder and harder, as Ron began moaning again. The bodyheat rose dangerously high as horny little girl the two boys made love for the second time that night. Together, they joined in every way possible; mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, and would never be separated by another. When they finished, they were stronger for it. They now had a soul-mate and they owed it to a love of Quidditch.FIN
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